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The Nails Queen’s Fashionable, Easy To Do Pink & Red Nails
The Nails Queen’s Fashionable, Easy To Do Pink & Red Nails
8 months ago

The Nails Queen’s Fashionable, Easy To Do Pink & Red Nails

They often apply the word “fashionable” to things that are considered unique and interesting, and not taboo to wear. One thing I can tell you is that no matter what your nails look like, as long as they’re healthy and well taken care of – they’re always fashionable.

So long as your nails are not themed in any way, as in things like snowflake nails, autumn leaf nails or other such items, any kind of nail art is trending, really.

And these pink and red nails by The Nails Queen, certainly are fashionable!

Fashionable Nails 1

(Don’t worry, she didn’t miss a spot on those two nails with the chrome line down the center. I thought she did too at first)

I like these nails a lot. They don’t seem to have a very specific theme. It’s just bright, red-ish colors. Two are red, two are glittery pink, and the rest are an almost translucent white.

Bright, colorful, and they just simply work.

Here they are again without the chrome line on the two fingers. I say they look good even like this.

Fashionable Nails 2

So, you don’t want to have any specific themes on your nails next time, but you want them cool and to work with your favorite outfits? Then, this video is definitely worth a watch.


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